Chattanooga Area Leadership Prayer Breakfast


The Chattanooga Area Leadership Breakfast was established in 1978 by Ted DeMoss, John Steffner, John Stophel, and John Wright.


First Prayer Breakfast

Held in 1978 (called the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast) at the Chattanooga Choo Choo with Chuck Colson as the main speaker.

Honored Guests

Program participants
Area mayors
Elected officials
Military, Fire, and Police Personnel

Task Force

Chairman, T. W. Francescon, Jr.
Vice Chairman of Arrangements, Lee Atchley
Vice Chairman of Publicity, Tom Francescon
Vice Chairman of Special Guests, Judge Clarence Shattuck
Vice Chairman of Tickets, Jackson Wingfield
Treasurer, Jim Ruane
Secretary, Leighton LeBoeuf
Vernon Cox
Mike Lapihuska
Rick Meadors
Charles Monroe
Zach Monroe
Wanda Officer
Blake Roberts 
Wayne Smith
Amy Urbaniak
Joseph Wingfield

Previous Chairmen

Pete Austin III
Frank Brock 
Vernon Cox
Ted DeMoss
Marble Hensley
Charles Monroe
Dean Sippel
John Steffner
John Stophel
John Wright
Chuck Zeiser